Top 7 Most Famous Artwork by David Hockney You Must See


Artwork by David Hockney: Born in 1937 in Bradford, David Hockney is recognized as one of the most innovative and influential artists of our time. With a career spanning more than six decades, Hockney is known for his versatility and skill across various media, including painting, drawing, photography, and digital art.

Hockney continually reinvents himself and explores new technologies to expand the boundaries of artistic expression. Additionally, from his iconic Californian swimming pools to his photographic collages and iPad drawings, each phase of his career showcases a relentless pursuit of innovation and a profound observation of the world around him.

In this article, we will explore seven of his most famous and must-see works, each representing a significant milestone in his artistic journey.

Artwork by David Hockney – Top 7

1 – THE SPLASH (1967)
the splash

Photo by Sotheby’s

The British artist David Hockney created “The Splash” in 1967, an iconic work. It belongs to a series Hockney painted about swimming pools in California and stands as one of his most famous works. The painting is renowned for capturing the transient moment of a splash of water following a dive into the pool, omitting the diver’s identity.

This work highlights Hockney’s mastery of using vibrant colours and sharp lines to create a scene that is both realistic and idealized. The precision with which he depicts the water and the modernist architecture is complemented by the sense of calm and elegance that permeates the painting.


“Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy” is an iconic painting. This work depicts fashion designer Ossie Clark and textile designer Celia Birtwell in their apartment in Notting Hill Gate, London, shortly after their wedding, with the couple’s cat, Blanche, on Clark’s lap. Although the cat in the painting is Blanche, Hockney chose the name “Percy” for the title because he thought it sounded better.

The painting is part of a series of double portraits of friends that Hockney began creating in 1968. In the work, the couple is in their apartment bedroom, almost life-sized, on either side of a tall window. Celia stands on the left, while Ossie sits on the right, both looking directly at the viewer, creating a strong visual connection. The cat, however, looks out the window.


Photo by GL-Arte

“My Pool And Terrace” exemplifies Hockney’s ability to transform everyday scenes into vibrant and dynamic compositions. Moreover, he achieves this by using innovative etching and aquatint techniques to create depth and texture.

The Eight by Eight to Celebrate the Temporary Contemporary Portfolio (1983-84) included “My Pool And Terrace,” comprising eight prints in various media. Additionally, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, published this portfolio to aid in fundraising for the museum, established in 1979.

This piece is available at GL-ARTE, offering a unique opportunity to own a significant work by one of the masters of contemporary art.


David Hockney captures the essence of contemplation and human connection in “Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures).” The painting, a vibrant acrylic on canvas, depicts a swimmer submerged in a crystal-clear blue pool, observed by a man at the poolside. Moreover, the work is a study in contrasts: the fluid movement of the water against the stillness of the observer, the intimacy of the shared moment, and the physical distance between the figures. Hockney, a master of colour and light, uses the pool as a mirror of the soul, reflecting the complexity of human relationships.

5 – MY PARENTS (1977)

Photo by Tate

A striking work by David Hockney portrays the artist’s parents in their home. This piece is an intimate and meticulous representation, capturing the essence of the relationship between the parents and the artist. Also, the painting is notable for its harmonious composition and the meticulous use of light and colour to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Many consider “My Parents” one of Hockney’s most significant works. Furthermore, the painting showcases the artist’s talent for portraiture and serves as a crucial piece in comprehending his artistic approach and personal life.

6 –  GARDEN (2015)

This piece is a vibrant celebration of nature and the intimacy of domestic space. Additionally, it depicts the garden of Hockney’s home in Los Angeles and serves as an example of his ability to capture the light and energy of the Californian environment. With expressive brushstrokes and a palette of luminous colours, Hockney invites the viewer into a world where time seems to slow down and the simple beauty of the flora is amplified.


Photo by Arthive

Nichols Canyon, a work by David Hockney, is a milestone in his career, representing a transition from his famous swimming pools to panoramic landscapes of California. This vibrant and colourful painting reflects the essence of Los Angeles through a unique perspective. With a winding road dividing the canvas, Hockney takes us on a visual journey through the hills of Hollywood, where nature and urbanization coexist harmoniously. The vivid colours and abstract patterns capture the landscape’s beauty and the movement and flow of time, recurring elements in Hockney’s work.

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