David Shrigley

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David Shrigley is a contemporary British artist known for his distinctive and often humorous approach to various artistic mediums, including drawing, sculpture, photography, and animation. Born on September 17, 1968, in Macclesfield, England, Shrigley has gained recognition for his satirical and absurd artworks that comment on everyday life, human nature, and the quirks of existence.

Shrigley’s drawings are characterized by their childlike, doodle-like style and often feature dark or absurd humor. His works frequently contain handwritten text that adds an additional layer of commentary or irony to the visual elements. Some of his notable works include “Brain Activity,” “What the Hell Are You Doing?,” and “How Are You Feeling?” His irreverent and often thought-provoking pieces have been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide.

In addition to visual art, Shrigley has ventured into other creative realms, such as music and literature. He has published several books, including “What the Hell Are You Doing?” and “Ants Have Sex in Your Beer.” He has also collaborated with musicians, including the band Blur.

David Shrigley’s art is known for its ability to provoke thought, laughter, and contemplation, making him a prominent and influential figure in the contemporary art scene. His works often challenge conventional notions of art and encourage viewers to see the world from a different, more playful perspective.

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